Well, it’s a start…

So day one was easy because most of the creating I did was for the blog site.  Day two however,  posed a challenge.  Cthulhu boards might be dry enough to paint, but they are currently at Ryan’s house.  If I can manage to get some time with Cthulhu later, today might even merit a second update.

My newest ideas are all inspired by the fact that when Ryan and I move out we will have empty walls.  I bought a pack of 15 pre-prepped canvases (4″x6″).  They are small, but I think that will help things seem less intimidating.    I want to paint each canvas with a nerdy thing and then attach all the canvases like one of those collage picture frames.  I need ideas of nerdy things to paint on the canvases.  Ideas thus far include: D20, Portal gun, Horde symbol, Rebel Alliance symbol, Millennium Falcon…..but  I need more ideas.  suggestions welcome.

So today at home I decided,  if I don’t start the Dune space-scape it won’t happen.  Although not much has been completed, as you can see below, the first dark layer is there and it does need some drying time before I do more.

I haven’t yet decided on the locations of things, but I intend to paint part of Arrakis with both moons and part of it’s sun.  I might also include the first two planets in it’s system.

Purple Sketchbook Update:

So, the Purple Sketchbook is full of ideas and inspiration.  Today I added some colored pencil details to random pages, but afterwards I started on a clean new page.  I started with a blue and colored rapidly, letting my hand do whatever it wanted.  Next came the red, following the same pattern.  After the red is when I realized what I was unintentionally re-creating.  Anyone recognize this from BSG?

And lastly, because music can be very inspirational, I’ve been listening to Tori Amos as I’ve been typing.  Me and a Gun to be specific.

About allysonmakessomething

"Successful creative energy involves the harnessing of controlled madness. I am convinced of this." - Eramus, Dune: Battle of Corrin, Kevin J. Anderson & Brian Herbert

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