Cthulhu Screen is Nearly Half Finished.

Today’s art adventure involved the Cthulhu GM Screen.   The second to last layer of oil paint is on and it looks like water. The player’s view side now only needs the tiny boat for size comparison.  On the far right is the GM side of the front panel, it has the resistance table on it.  It got a blue border and will eventually get chart labels.

Ok, so it’s not the best picture, but florescent lights are not good for photographing shiny surfaces.  Small boat, labels and better pictures to come.

I also managed to solve the issue of which parts with be covered by the gold ribbon that will attach the panels.  It wound up taking way more effort than it should have and Ryan was loosing his patience with me about it.  I did however make a diagram with all the panels labeled and the ribbon represented by the red lines:

I also practiced the font for the resistance table labels.

If you look at the purple writing on the right you’ll see a list.  That is more prep work for the Nerd Canvas Collage; so should I say collages!  I’ve decided that I have way too many ideas to be only making one collage and 15 is way too many small canvases to just make one thing.  So I intend to make four collages, each with seven canvases!  I still need to work out the details of each category, but I’m nearly there.


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"Successful creative energy involves the harnessing of controlled madness. I am convinced of this." - Eramus, Dune: Battle of Corrin, Kevin J. Anderson & Brian Herbert

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