Remember When I Used To Want to be an Art Teacher?

Way back in early 2008 I was student teaching and I was required to make a professional portfolio.  I made a book with lots of colorful paper and used it as a student teaching scrapbook.  My professor said it was great, but not as a professional portfolio.  Later that year I brought it to my only job interview for a teaching position – and I got the job! I think my amazingly creative and handmade book helped. Anyways, after my two months as a leave replacement teacher I decided I never want to teach again and I should avoid it at all costs.  Because of this I am currently quite poor and not too long ago I carefully removed all the pages I had used in this handmade book.  There were still many more unused pages and I wanted to re-use the book.  Today’s project was to add new pages.

For this adventure I had previously purchased a large construction paper pad.  I spent entirely too much time meticulously picking the glue from the top of each page (where they all had been attached to form the pad).  I was so happy when all the nit-picky work was done, that is until I discovered that the new construction paper was an inch taller than the original construction paper.  It’s moments like this that I am so happy I received a hand-me-down mat cutter!  It’s almost as awesome as having a paper guillotine.

With that problem solved I moved on to sewing the pages together and then to cleaning up the remnants of the previous pages –


Soon enough I was heating up the glue gun and gluing in the new pages!

It still needs a bit of clean-up work, but I’m pretty much done.  Now to decide what I want to use it for.





So you might be wondering what happened to the one inch strips of paper that I had to cut off….

My room will be PRETTY!


About allysonmakessomething

"Successful creative energy involves the harnessing of controlled madness. I am convinced of this." - Eramus, Dune: Battle of Corrin, Kevin J. Anderson & Brian Herbert

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  1. You’re amazing, dear, a true Renaissance woman. :-*

    Keep creating, love. It’s what you’re good at.

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