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My Bad Art Habit

I have this bad habit of taking on lots of creative projects and then having no interest/motivation/desire to start them.  It’s pretty bad.   However, I am now trying with renewed effort (and some meds because apparently I’m sick and that’s why I’ve been sleeping so much).  It began with rampant cleaning and organizing.  The bed is made, the desk is nearly free of clutter, you can see the pictures on top of the dresser again and the easel is no longer a clothing rack. After all this cleaning I was left to stare at this:

Bellas princesses

Two lovely stretchers and my favorite shoes.  Favorites for many reasons, but mostly because they remind me of these: Read the rest of this entry


Is searching the internet really art?

Today’s art adventure begins with research.  So I’d say YES! searching the internet is art……sort of.

I need to learn all I can about Arrakis so I can plan out my painting. Here’s what I know so far:

It’s a dessert planet.

It orbits the star Canopus.

It is the third planet from Canopus.

It has 2 moons; one with a Muad’Dib (Kangaroo Mouse) image and one with human hand image.

So far, this is all I found: