My Bad Art Habit

I have this bad habit of taking on lots of creative projects and then having no interest/motivation/desire to start them.  It’s pretty bad.   However, I am now trying with renewed effort (and some meds because apparently I’m sick and that’s why I’ve been sleeping so much).  It began with rampant cleaning and organizing.  The bed is made, the desk is nearly free of clutter, you can see the pictures on top of the dresser again and the easel is no longer a clothing rack. After all this cleaning I was left to stare at this:

Bellas princesses

Two lovely stretchers and my favorite shoes.  Favorites for many reasons, but mostly because they remind me of these:

And if Vincent liked them, they must have been cool.  (even if no one realized it until after he died).

These two future canvases are intended for a special project.  My sweet baby cousin,  Isabella,  recently moved into her own room and it had a large empty wall.  The room is themed with Disney princesses because she’s two and loves them.  The walls are bright pink and in need of something large and theme-matched to help distract you from all the pink.  Originally I was going to paint the wall, but the live kinda far for me to be traveling there often and it would be a challenge to have limited access.  The final project idea became two large paintings; one of Cinderella’s Castle and one of her stage coach.  I am so excited about this project and I want to get started, but alas the canvas I ordered from Pearl has not arrived yet (probably because I only ordered it yesterday).

I did find a smaller set of stretcher bars while I was cleaning though.  Also, I had enough canvas available to cover it – so I did! I even primed it.

This small canvas is one square foot and currently has no set plans.

Frustrated that I was not able to really play with paint I decided to pull out my Arakkis painting!  The background was not as dark as I want it to be so I painted a new coat of a deep black/gray.  Then I came full circle and added some VanGogh-esque swirls for cyan space dust.

sorry about the photo quality, the paint was still wet so it was hard to photograph.

That’s really all I have for now, I’ll try to keep on updating.


About allysonmakessomething

"Successful creative energy involves the harnessing of controlled madness. I am convinced of this." - Eramus, Dune: Battle of Corrin, Kevin J. Anderson & Brian Herbert

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